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TAMARICO® liqueur is crafted with and inspired by the flavors of Mexico's most popular treats: tamarind, chili and chamoy.

TAMARICO® contains a blend of all natural flavors that emulate the most popular candies from Mexico. Flavors include tamarind, chili, fruity and spicy chamoy, lime and watermelon. Together, they produce a sweet, tangy and spicy liqueur that tastes simply incredible! Its sweet, spicy and tangy flavor has the perfect balance of sweet (with almost half the sugar of competing brands: ONLY 6.6g per 1.5oz!!) and heat from the chili peppers.

Drink it as a shot, or as a boilermaker or sidecar with a beer. While tasty on its own, its flavors are enhanced with a bit of Tajin®, chamoy or both on a rimmed glass.

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