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Skeptic Gin No. 1

Rated in Top 100 Spirits in the World

- Wine Enthusiast 2019

Best in Show by Country Category (USA Gin)

- USA Spirits Ratings 2018

Gin of the Year

- USA Spirits Ratings 2018

Best of Category (Gin)

- American Distilling Institute 2019

Double Gold

- SIP Awards 2019


Skeptic Gin No. 1 is a Cold Vacuum Distilled, modern American style gin.  Using a midwestern corn base distillate, all fresh, hand selected fruits and botanicals are infused for at least one week before distillation.  Fresh mango, gooseberries, bartlett pear, grapefruit and orange zest are chopped thin, muddled and peeled, then combined with hibiscus flower and crushed juniper, coriander seeds and green cardamom.

After at least one week of infusion, the now dark purplish red spirit is fed into the vacuum still, where the pressure is reduced so low that instead of boiling at close to 200F, the infusion is distilled at a temperature of approximately 60F, preserving all of the delicate aromatics and flavor of the botanicals into the final spirit.


While unmistakably gin on the nose, the flavors are refreshingly citrus and floral.  Notes of bright gooseberry, grapefruit and mango transition to a gentle spice of the coriander and cardamom before a finishing blend of floral notes and orange peel.  

Skeptic Gin is not overpowering, but nuanced and bright tasting.  A high quality, clean tasting tonic pairs very well with it, such as Fever Tree.  In traditional cocktails, we recommend increasing the gin proportions by about 50%, while reducing other components similarly.  For example, in a negroni, normally 1 part gin, 1 part sweet vermouth and 1 part campari (or  Aperol), instead use 1.5 parts gin, 0.75 parts vermouth and 0.75 parts campari.

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