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Whiskey or not Whiskey?

That is the question.

Our whiskeys are adventures in flavor.  All will be 100% cold vacuum distilled and very few will conform to existing whiskey classifications. In fact, some straddle the line between whiskey, brandy or other styles. 

Some examples of experimental whiskeys, some of which may go into full production later this year include:

  • Pear-infused Pilsner Whiskey (High ABV pilsner fermented with bartlett pears)

  • Toasted Coconut Porter Whiskey (Robust Porter fermented with toasted coconut)

  • New Zealand Hops Tropical IPA Whiskey (pale malt fermented with Tropical IPA yeast and dry hopped)

  • Blueberry Muffin Whiskey (single malt fermented with blueberries and lemon zest)

The only limit to flavor combination is our imagination.  But the goal is to create memorable flavor experiences you'll want to revisit, not to just shock you with what we can create.

We look forward to serving the experimental ones at our cocktail bar/tasting room by this fall or winter and providing you with an experience you will not forget!

Mystery Whiskey Bottle
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