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Skeptic Distillery Vodka Bottle in focus with martini cocktail in background

Skeptic Vodka

Vodka of the Year

- USA Spirits Ratings 2018

Double Gold

- SIP Awards 2019

Silver Medal

- American Distilling Institute 2019

90 Points

- Wine Enthusiast 2019

Silver Medal

- San Francisco Wine & Spirits Competition 2020


What's so special about vodka?  Well, as it turns out, a lot!

Skeptic Vodka is distilled from midwestern corn using our cold vacuum still well below room temperature, which preserves the delicate flavors and efficiently removes the compounds that contribute to burn. This impossibly smooth vodka is not only cold vacuum distilled, but also carbon filtered 8x through our proprietary blend of ultrapure carbon using a unique process we developed that differs from how most other vodkas are carbon filtered.  

Skeptic Vodka is naturally GLUTEN FREE! There are zero additives to thicken and provide sweetness (and headaches the next day!) as some of the big brands do.  The sweetness of Skeptic Vodka is 100% natural. 


Skeptic Vodka has a clean, round and full mouthfeel, with an unmatched smoothness and purity. Perfect for cocktails, neat or on the rocks, with a gentle sweetness of corn and hints of vanilla and cloves in the finish.

Serve at room temperature to bring out the delicately sweet corn flavor or on ice for a completely different experience.

Skeptical? Taste the difference — as the base in your favorite cocktail, neat or on the rocks — and you’ll become a believer!

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