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At Skeptic Distillery, we combine the science of low pressure, cold distillation with the creativity of craft brewers and chefs to produce clean, vibrant and flavorful spirits that taste as fresh as the day our ingredients were picked from the soil.



Distilling Fresh Flavor

As one of only a few distilleries in the world applying cold distillation technology to liquor, we seek to create spirits that evoke emotions and memorable experiences. Every decision is inspired by our mission, which is to provide the highest quality spirits that connect with people in unexpected ways.

We invite you to browse through our current and future products to learn more about us and our unique approach to spirits.


Fresh Flavor

Distilled & Bottled



Each of our unique spirits is distilled under near-zero pressure at cold temperatures, devoid of oxygen.  This process preserves flavors and aromas that would be otherwise destroyed.  Cold distillation also carries over a natural sweetness of midwestern corn and a clean, smooth and complex taste.

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GinQuila Reposado

SIP Awards Double Gold 2021

GinQuila is inspired by the vibrant flavors of Latin America and the cantarito cocktail.  Fresh grapefruit, orange, lemon and lime zests, papaya, chipotle and arbol peppers, thyme, cinnamon and a bit of juniper are all infused for a week in our corn spirit base, redistilled at cold temperatures, then rested in former tequila barrels for several months.

Skeptic Gin

Top 100 Spirits in the World

(Wine Enthusiast 2019)

Gin of The Year 2018

Best In Show 2018

Skeptic Gin is a blend of fresh ingredients infused in our corn spirit base for over a week, including fresh mango, pear, gooseberries, orange and grapefruit zest, juniper berries, coriander, green cardamom and hibiscus flower.  Cold distillation brings the brightness of all these ingredients into the final contemporary gin we call Skeptic Gin No. 1.

Skeptic Vodka

SIP Awards Double Gold 2019

Vodka of the Year 2018

Our vodka has won more awards than we can recall.  Naturally gluten free with no additives, it still retains a natural sweetness of the Midwestern corn from which it is made because of the cold distillation process.  One of the smoothest and cleanest tasting corn vodkas you will ever try.

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  • GinQuila Spirit of the Month during May
    Thu, May 01
    Chicago Street Pour House
    May 01, 2025, 12:00 AM – May 31, 2025, 12:00 PM
    Chicago Street Pour House, 1350 E Chicago St, Elgin, IL 60120
    Four Napkin restaurant group will be featuring Skeptic Distillery and GinQuila with $6.00 pours during the month of May across all ten of its locations.
  • In Store Tasting
    Sat, Jun 14
    Elmhurst Food & Liquor
    Jun 14, 2025, 5:00 PM CDT – Aug 16, 2025, 7:00 PM CDT
    Elmhurst Food & Liquor, 416 N York St, Elmhurst, IL 60126
    Skeptic Distillery is holding an in-store tasting from 5-7pm.
  • Skeptic Distillery Minnesota Visit
    Tue, May 03
    Libation Project Firehouse Office
    May 03, 1:00 PM – May 04, 8:00 PM
    Libation Project Firehouse Office, 926 Hampden Ave W, St. Paul 55114
    Founder of Skeptic Distillery, Karl Loepke, will be visiting Minneapolis/St. Paul with our distributor, Libation Project, to participate in an industry tasting event on Tuesday and May the 4th event on Wednesday.


2525 W Le Moyne St.
Melrose Park, IL 60160

(708) 223-8286

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