Whiskey - Coming Soon


Raise your glass — a new whiskey distillery in Chicagoland is a reason to celebrate! Skeptic Distillery’s beer-produced whiskey spirits fill a unique niche in craft brewing. Our whiskey is made from beer mashes that are fermented to completion, such as high-gravity beers. High-gravity beers are bolder and more flavorful, and generally have a higher alcohol content.

Skeptic Distillery begins with a beer wort. Wort is the malty liquid that converts the starches in the malt grains into sugar. This sweet, sugary liquid is used to ferment or brew the beer, and it’s what gives each beer its unique flavors. We distill this wort or “beer starter” into a delicious finished whiskey that concentrates the complex grain, water and yeast flavors of the beer.

Our line includes a whiskey made from a double-IPA beer wort as well as a Russian imperial stout. Still skeptical? Try one and tap into the truly amazing robust craft spirit of Skeptic Distillery.