Whiskey - Coming Soon


Raise your glass — a new whiskey distillery in Chicagoland is a reason to celebrate! Skeptic Distillery’s beer-produced whiskey spirits will fill a unique niche in craft distilling. Our whiskey will be made from beer mashes that are fermented to completion, such as high-gravity beers like Double IPAs and Russian Imperial Stouts.

Skeptic Distillery begins with a craft beer recipe wort. Wort is the malty liquid that converts the starches in the malt grains into sugar. This sweet, sugary liquid is used to ferment or brew the beer, and it’s what gives each beer its unique flavors. We ferment this wort all the way to completion with beer yeasts, including dry-hopping if the recipe calls for it, into a delicious finished beer that we then distill at cold temperatures under vacuum into a whiskey that concentrates the complex grain, water and yeast flavors of the beer and preserves the freshness of all of the flavors of that beer. The white whiskey is distinctly reminiscent of the beer, and many of these aromas and flavors will carry through our rapid aging process to the finished product.

Our line will include a whiskey made from a tropical double-IPA beer wort heavily dry hopped with New Zealand hops as well as a Russian imperial stout with dense chocolate, coffee, cherry and vanilla flavors. Still skeptical? Stay tuned to us on Instagram and Facebook for updates, and join us when we release the first of these next year in early 2020.

Also take a look at our Wefunder page where we are currently offering a crowdfunded revenue share investment opportunity for anyone interested in investing in and becoming a part of this journey with us. Whether it's $100 or $10,000.00, you can be an integral part of our future whiskey releases and our success!