• Rated Vodka of the year by USA Spirit Ratings
  • Featured in Wine Enthusiasts buying guide
  • Gluten free
  • Mixer friendly neutral flavor

Skeptic Vodka is a premium vodka distilled from corn at cold temperatures using our cold vacuum still. Our entirely custom designed still is unlike any you've ever seen. It allows us to distill continuously, at just 50°F, which preserves delicate flavors. Our vodka is not only vacuum distilled, but is also carbon filtered four times in our proprietary blend of ultrapure carbon developed from exhaustive research and development.

The result of this attention to detail speaks for itself. Skeptic Vodka is a truly neutral spirit with unmatched smoothness and purity. Perfect for cocktails, neat or on the rocks, with a gentle sweetness from the delicate corn flavor.

Are you a cocktail connoisseur? Skeptic vodka is extremely mixer-friendly. With its subtle flavor notes and fragrances, our vodka is also enjoyable by itself. Serve it at room temperature to bring out the delicately sweet corn flavor or on ice for a completely different experience. Skeptical? Taste the difference — as the base in your favorite cocktail, neat or on the rocks — and you’ll become a believer!

Quench your curious spirit today!