Special Release Gins - Coming Soon

Special Release Gins

Looking for something new and different in a high-quality gin? If change appeals to you and you’re tired of the “same old, same old,” then check out Skeptic’s rotating series of limited-release gins. Available soon, this line of smooth, tasty spirits evolves with the changing of the seasons.

Celebrate each season with a distinctive gin from a premier gin distillery in Chicago. Skeptic Distillery releases a new, unique gin every season. Our offerings are rarely repeated, although we reserve the right to bring back the most popular releases.

While you may be skeptical at first, give it a try … become a believer! We’re sure that you’ll fall for our autumn blend, warm up to our winter gin, spring for a bottle in March, and be in hot pursuit of special release gin in the summer months. Remember, variety is the spice of life!

Special Release Winter Gin in progress!

We know Chicago winters: the chill off the lake, the scent of icy pine offset by drifting aromas of warm holiday spices and home baking...and we found ourselves thinking "Damn, how do we bottle that?"

Well, all we can tell you is that it involves, cranberry, spice, and everything nice! And it's coming SOON!