Discover Something DIFFERENT.

 Not a gin, not a tequila, nor simply a blend of the two, GinQuila is something altogether different.  Inspired by the vibrant flavors of Latin American cuisine and a cocktail called the cantarito, a homestyle cocktail served in clay pots and similar to the paloma (tequila and grapefruit soda).  


To create GinQuila, we infuse all fresh ingredients into a high ethanol base spirit, which extracts all of the freshness, flavor and aromatics of the botanicals over the course of 7 days.  These botanicals consist of fresh tropical fruit and spices including papaya, grapefruit, orange, lime, and lemon zest, cinnamon, fresh thyme, and dried chipotle and arbol peppers.  

This infusion is then sent to our custom continuous column vacuum still, which distills the infused spirit out at cold temperatures (50-60F), thereby preserving all of the fresh character of the ingredients and not cooking or altering them.  Think cold pressed juice or cold brew coffee instead of heat pasteurized juice or hot, burnt coffee, and you'll get an idea why this is so important.  Then, the distilled spirit containing all of that tropical flavor is proofed down to barrel strength (approx 150 proof, or 75% abv) and finished in former tequila barrels for several months.  We set aside a smaller amount of the pure distilled spirit and add that back in prior to final proofing and bottling.  

The barrel aging process conveys a distinctive reposado tequila oakiness and earthiness to GinQuila, and in the process mutes some of the original flavor.  So we add back in the original distillate in a small amount to boost the flavor and aromatics until it's blended seamlessly into a perfectly balanced spirit of uncommon deliciousness.  

Just like all of our spirits, GinQuila is:

  • Cold Vacuum Distilled

  • Naturally Gluten Free

  • Free of Unnatural Additives

  • Sugar Free!

So how do you enjoy GinQuila? Head over to the recipes link for a list of some bespoke GinQuila recipes, but in its simplest forms we recommend mixing it with ruby red or other grapefruit soda (e.g. Squirt) and some fre sh lime juice, or just straight up on an ice cube with a lime wedge!