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At Skeptic, we produce our gin using processes rarely used in the industry. We infuse our unique recipe of FRESH cut and mashed ingredients and botanicals directly into a high proof corn spirit distilled from Midwestern corn for at least 7 days. Then we filter it as it's transferred to our continuous cold vacuum still where we pull a high vacuum (very close to perfect vacuum) on the still, which allows us to distill at temperatures well below room temperature. By distilling at these temperatures, instead of heating up to 180F or higher, we preserve delicate flavors and aromas that are otherwise cooked out or altered at those high temperatures.

The resulting gin is an award-winning, ultra-smooth, delicately flavorful and balanced, citrusy and aromatic gin that stands apart from the crowd. The flavors are a mixture of citrus, fresh fruit, spice and botanicals. So smooth and flavorful, it can be enjoyed neat or in your favorite gin cocktail. In the first competition we ever entered, the USA Spirits Ratings in 2018, it was rated Best In Show (by Country Category) and Gin of the Year with 92 points overall. Skeptic Gin also earned the Best of Category (Contemporary Gin) title from the American Distilling Institute. And perhaps most impressively, it was listed among the Top 100 Spirits IN THE WORLD by Wine Enthusiast Magazine in 2019! 

Still skeptical? Taste the difference and become a believer.

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