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Skeptical of germs? Enter: Skeptic Hand Sanitizer!

During the covid-19 outbreak, we've turned our slight decrease in sales demand into an opportunity to leverage our ability to support the local medical personnel, postal workers, etc. in our community. With hand sanitizer use and scarcity through the roof these days, we've joined the ranks of the distilleries across the nation who are sidelining consumable spirits to produce this much needed product. We shipped our first 120 gallons of sanitizer in 1/2 gallon containers through our partners at Social Change to those in need in South Side hospitals and underserved communities. Several cases have also made their way Northwest Community Hospital in Arlington Heights, as well as to the Postal Union.

The people doing the deliveries here are the true heroes. Shout out to our friends at Social Change for spearheading fundraisers to help us acquire necessary supplies and for delivering these bottles to those in need! We'd also like to extend our continued and eternal gratitude to the delivery drivers across the nation, the tireless efforts of the medical community, and to our frontline essential workers who often experience such thanklessness.

We plan to continue to produce sanitizer while there is a need for it, with the support of our partners in distribution. Please stay tuned into our social media for continued updates on our efforts.

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