Pomtinis, Old Fashioned's and Gibsons, Oh my!

We got the chance to try out the cocktails and cuisine our first official restaurant placement this week! Only weeks ago, Downers Grove acquired a new eatery in the form of The Carnivore and The Queen, a speakeasy style supper club featuring a slew of modern craft cocktails with all the allure and ambiance of a prohibition age hideaway.

Upon entry, one notices the the bold, opulent accents of the guilded age: dark blue-gray walls with shocks of vintage-style gold fixtures, cozy corners booths next to a fireplace, a cured leg of something resembling prosciutto up atop the bar.... but most eye catching of all, their collection of all local spirits sitting proudly behind the counter! Determined to support local businesses, both their menu and cocktails feature local spirits and ingredients.

The menu includes some A La Carte options as well as a four course meal option with the likes of Ceviche, Steak, and Key lime pie to boot.

We decided to start with the cocktails that feature Skeptic Vodka and Gin first. I ordered a Vodka Pomtini and Karl ordered a Gin Gibson. We found both to be pleasantly light, smooth, and really crafted to highlight the central spirit. We also enjoyed watching the process of smoking cocktails, in which the wait staff wheels in a glass smoking chamber and infuses the cocktail with a lovely charred note while filling the room with a fiery aroma. In conjunction with the light fog that glazes the windows during the smoking, the cozy scent gives a vibe of secrecy and intimacy to the whole place; the perfect ambiance for a speakeasy!

To make a copy cat pomtini:

- 1.5 oz Skeptic Vodka

-1.5 oz grapefruit juice

-.5 oz pomegranate juice of syrup

-.5 oz lime juice

-Rosemary for garnish