Guest Post: Best Cocktails of 2019

With so many cocktails in existence, how are you to know which ones to order the next time you walk into a bar? Worry not; we made you a list for it to be easier to choose! The Best Cocktails of 2019 includes the top ten cocktails chosen from more than a hundred pubs across the world that are ranked based on their popularity.

10. Mojito

Mojito is a summer cocktail made of muddled mint sprigs, sugar and soda water and a few ounces of rum and lime juice served with ice. This drink of combined sweet, citrusy and mint flavors was said to be brought about first in Cuba and its creation is eagerly anticipated and celebrated annually.

9. Espresso Martini - Try it with SKEPTIC VODKA

A foamy coffee liqueur that is slightly bitter yet delightfully sweet, Espresso Martini is truly an interesting cocktail. With its ingredients-espresso, vodka, Kahlua, butterscotch liqueur, five spice bitters, vanilla infused vodka and chocolate bitters-, it may seem like it was worked on by both a bartender and a barista, but it wasn't. The creation of such a drink was made possible by the late King of Cocktails, Dick Bradsell. Bradsell's Martini may be somehow peculiar to some but it is just too irresistible to miss.


Moscow Mule is the signature cocktail served in beautiful copper mugs. Such pleasant and invigorating drink is composed of lime, vodka and ginger beer served on the rocks and garnished with a lime wheel. Being incredibly quick to prepare, several varieties of the Mule have been developed, which helped in making the Mule widely-known.

7. Manhattan

Clear and elegant, Manhattan is an excellent cocktail to serve at parties. Its recipe is similar to that of the Old Fashioned, but this drink has its own distinct and exquisite taste which granted it a spot in the top ten. To make this, all you need are sweet vermouth, Angostura bitters and rye whiskey. Stir-not shake!-then serve in a coupe glass.

6. Margarita

The best tequila cocktail award goes to Margarita, the drink that satisfies the four taste buds at the same time with the union of Blanco tequila, triple sec, lime juice and salt. The first three components are mixed together by shaking and poured into a glass rimmed with salt. Have a glass of this and you're sure to have an undeniably good time!

5. Daiquiri

Another Cuban cocktail, Daiquiri offers a different kind of refreshing with just three ingredients. The original recipe and its variations are the most in demand rum cocktail in the world! The process of making this is quite easy: just pour simple syrup, fresh lime juice and white rum into a shaker. Wet shake and filter to a coupe glass and serve with a lime wheel in its rim.


Dry Martini gets its name from the key ingredient in its recipe: dry vermouth. The less vermouth there is in a glass of this cocktail, the drier its taste would be. Other elements in this drink include gin and orange bitters that are stirred and strained into a martini glass. Despite having a less sweeter flavor, Dry Martini is a choice that everyone can enjoy.

3. Whiskey Sour

The classic Whiskey Sour can be easily whipped up using bourbon, lemon juice, white sugar and Angostura bitters. These ingredients are mixed in a shaker tin and poured into a rocks glass. The occasional addition of egg whites give the drink a pretty white color, making it a sophisticated and suitable drink to serve at gatherings.


The unbeatable sweet vermouth-gin-Campari combo is a product initially made in Italy. Bitter as the drink may be, it doesn't seem like any other cocktail would dare kick the Negroni off of 2nd place. Witness its rich taste yourself by simply stirring the said ingredients together and serving the mix in an old fashioned glass containing a large ice cube.

1. Old Fashioned

Reigning on the highest post for several years in a row, the best cocktail in the world is none other than the timeless Old Fashioned! Living up to its name, this concoction’s sweet, silky smooth taste coming from the presence of bourbon, club soda, angostura bitters and sugar creates a timeless flavor that people have indulged in for many years and for more years to come.