Whiskey on the rocks


Coming Soon: Craft Beer Distilled Whiskeys! 

Skeptic Distillery’s craft beer-based whiskeys are unlike any other whiskeys on the  market. They are made from beer recipes that are mashed, hopped, dryhopped and fermented to completion, such as Double IPAs, Russian Imperial Stouts, Sours, etc.  Literally, there's no limit to the types of spirits we can make!

Our founder, Karl Loepke, was an avid homebrewer whose ambition it was to open a craft brewery. However, when he tried vacuum distilling one of his beers, he realized that this process could allow him to bring the creativity and innovation of the craft brewing explosion to distilled spirits.


So, how do we make these crazy whiskeys? We start off in true craft beer fashion with an idea for a great beer. We then develop the recipe on our pilot brewing system until we achieve the desired flavor profile. We then distill this on our one-of-a-kind pilot still; a dual column, continuous, cold vacuum still. We distill under high vacuum, which removes most of the pressure and oxygen from the still.  This reduces the boiling point to a level where we will not scorch the product and it minimizes chemical reactions that occur during distillation and prevents oxidation of delicate flavors.


The resulting whiskey coming out of the still concentrates all of the complex grain, hop, yeast and other flavors of the beer and preserves its freshness. Our white whiskeys right off the still smell and taste distinctly like the beer from which they were distilled, and many of these aromas and flavors will carry through our rapid aging process to the finished, wood aged whiskey.  We don't age them for extended periods because barrel aging is really intended to smooth out the rough spirits coming off a still, and we just want to incorporate the wood flavors and color into the final product.

We intend to launch initially with a whiskey made from a Toasted Coconut Porter recipe that we found to make an amazing whiskey.  Later, we will incorporate other beer style bases into the mix, as well as do numerous limited releases of crazy brews. Still skeptical? Stay tuned to us on Instagram and Facebook for updates, and join us when we release the first of these in 2022.