Be a Part of Our Mission!

Now that you know a little more about us, please consider joining us on our mission to explore better, fresher spirits!

Here at Skeptic, we've dedicated ourselves to continuous improvement and exploration. We're currently asking our community to join in our mission to continue crafting higher quality craft spirits by investing in our Wefunder campaign to begin construction of our new Beer-Whiskey Still. This new still will allow us to cold distill craft beers into unique, highly characteristic and unusual Whiskeys!

Any additional funds over our minimum goal will go towards constructing an epic tasting room for the disitllery! We plan to make it into a space that will be as industrial, punk rock, nerdy and science-y as we are; a place where we can craft a tasting experience and atmosphere as memorable as our spirits.

We decided to use a crowdfunding revenue share for this venture to bring our friends, family, and fans on board as a part of our crew! With the revenue share, investors have the opportunity to at least double their investment based on quarterly payments of 5% of our gross sales. In our Wefunder profile, you will also find special incentive packages for different investment levels. The packages range from a swag bag of Skeptic items all the way up to a custom whiskey distilled from a beer style of your choice and aged according to your preferences, complete with its own unique label and certificate of authenticity!

So why consider investing with Skeptic? Well...

1Skeptic spirits capture and retain the freshness of our base ingredients by distilling at colder, more natural temperatures.
2In our first competition, we won "Best In Show" for Gin, "Gin of the Year" and "Vodka of the Year." We've since won a dozen more awards.
3Distilling methods haven't changed much in centuries. We fuse science with a craft ethos to deliver new sensory experiences in spirits.
4A few years ago we discovered cold vacuum distilling and tried it on craft beer, leading to our Aha! moment.
5We will achieve break even next year at approx. 200-250 cases sold per month, or about $225,000 annual sales, just from vodka and gin.
6We believe our craft beer whiskey will catapult us to profitability rapidly. Demand is at an all-time high.
7Our founder has a history of success. He turned a company on the edge of bankruptcy into the industry leader with over 80% market share.
8We are 100% self-funded, with no bank/investor debt. In the past 12 months, we've had revenues of $53K despite no distribution until May.

...But you be the judge! Check out our profile on Wefunder HERE