Meet The Space Cadets

Meet The Skeptic Crew

Karl Loepke

President / Mission Commander / Original Skeptic

Karl is the founder of Skeptic Distillery Co. and probably the most optimistic skeptic you'll ever encounter. He's the head distiller, equipment builder, amateur engineer, unmotivated accountant, terrible welder, decent pipefitter, adequate salesman, uncompromising QC guy, meticulous janitor, overused doormat, master of chaos, and whatever-it-takes-to-get-it-done guy. Sort of a jack of all trades, master of none, except perhaps making great spirits. With a background in O Chem and Bio Chem, and a belief that anything is possible, he's the guy making sure shit gets done and gets done right, if not on time... He's the Mission Commander of sorts. His motto: "How hard could it be?" Words for any optimist turned would-be skeptic to live by.

Joe Iannarelli

Payload Commander / Old Skeptic

Joe met Karl during his career at Enviro Tech where they both worked on development of a new cleaning solvent and equipment for the dry cleaning industry. Joe was the owner of a highly successful dry cleaning franchise in Pittsburgh. They got to know each other and became friends as each possessed a similar work ethic and chaotic style. When Karl told Joe about his idea to start a distillery, Joe was on board immediately and decided to invest in the company. Joe encapsulates the spirit of the Skeptic Distillery company culture. Freewheeling, living on the edge of controlled chaos, entrepeneurial and fun. In short, the work hard, play hard mentality.

Brittany Breaux ('sup bro?)

Marketing & Graphic Design / Mission Specialist

Brittany is a super talented graphic designer and happens to be Karl's second cousin as well. She is responsible for all of those cool graphics and design work featured on our social media and around this website. She also has the honor(?) of being the very first Skeptic full time employee, hired November 1, 2018. Possessing an unhealthy level of sarcastic wit, a willingness to do whatever needs to be done wherever it needs doing and a healthy skepticism of Karl's chaos theory, she has rounded out the Skeptic company vibe and upped the creativity level of our marketing and style.

James (Jimmy) Semrick

National Sales Manager / Rocketeer

Jimmy is the newest member of the Skeptic space crew, joining the crew on July 1, 2019. Jimmy will be the National Sales Manager and Rocketeer for Skeptic, responsible for piloting this rocketship into stores, bars, restaurants and everywhere else liquor is consumed or sold across this great country. He has been passionate about the spirits and beverage industry ever since he was 16 years old, which is rare because most of us don't have a clue what we want to do with our lives at that age... In fact, Jimmy moved to Panama (yes, the Panama of Van Halen and a certain canal!) when he was 18 years old to pursue a career in the spirits industry. While there, he quickly set up an import business (regulations are a wee bit looser down there...), landing some big brands by simply working harder than anyone else! He later came home to finish school (Panama not necessarily the friendliest place for an 18 year old liquor importer after all), but quickly left to pursue his true passion. He set up SureShot Beverage Marketing Co. in Fayetteville, AR where he repped some great brands (including yours truly!) and had as many as 7 employees. Most recently he worked for a large MillerCoors distributor in Bentonville, AR where he quickly increased sales by 96% for a local craft brewer, equating to 20% of total sales growth for the brewery in a territory of 40+ major accounts (including Wal Mart, of course) and around 4 million dollars in annual sales.