Skeptic Gin

At Skeptic, we produce our gin using processes rarely used in the industry. First, we filter our base spirit in the same manner as our vodka for exceptional smoothness and to remove impurities. Next, we soak our unique recipe of FRESH ingredients and botanicals directly in the base spirit for 5 days. Last and most importantly, we cold vacuum distill the infused spirit in our one-of-a-kind, custom-built vacuum column still at below room temperature (approx. 50F); a process which preserves delicate flavors and aromas that are normally cooked out or altered under standard distillation temperatures.

The result of this detailed and rigorous process speaks for itself. An ultrasmooth, intensely favorful, yet balanced, citrusy and aromatic gin. The flavors are a mélange of citrus, fresh fruit, spices and botanicals, that dance across your palate.

Made in the spirit of tradition but the practice of innovation, our gin offers a bold and fresh new take on gin. Skeptical? Taste the difference — neat or in your favorite gin cocktail — and you’ll become a believer!

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