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Bottle of Chicago Gin

Skeptic (skep·tik)

noun 1. a person inclined to question or doubt accepted opinions.
Skeptics are curious by nature. We believe in free thinking and individuality. We believe there are always better ways to do things or different ways of solving problems, and that's what makes life interesting. In the world of distilling, we wondered why spirits can't be made fresher, faster, smoother and more flavorful than they are with traditional methods. Why couldn't we fuse science and craft together to make something new....something unique....something better?

For the Curious Craft Spirit Community

Enjoy the nuanced flavors and subtle notes of our carefully processed spirits. Every bottle contains a superior liquid produced with a culinary approach to recipe development and our innovative process. Are you curious? Ask for cocktails made with Skeptic Distillery spirits at your favorite bar, lounge or restaurant, shop online or look for our spirits at your local liquor store.

Better yet, (in the not too distant future, though not quite yet...) schedule a tour or event with a private tasting at our facility? Learn how we make Skeptic spirits — and see firsthand how we make believers out of former skeptics!

For Retailers, Restaurateurs and Bar Owners

Our process fuses craft with science to invent premium spirits that turn skeptics into true believers. Request an in-person tasting at your business. We’re sure that once your bartenders/mixologists and customers taste how our spirits elevate cocktails and stand apart from the crowd, that they’ll be asking for them time after time.

Meet Our Spiritual Astronauts

Get to know the guiding spirits at Skeptic Distillery.

  • Karl - Commander / Original Skeptic
  • Joe - Payload Commander / Old Skeptic
  • Brittany - Mission Specialist / Associate Skeptic

Still a Skeptic? Check Out Our Awards!

Skeptic Distillery was a big winner In the 2018 USA Spirits Ratings by Beverage Trade Network. Entries were judged on the basis of quality, value and package, and the winners scored highly on all three criteria. We received the following awards:

Shop Skeptic

Now that you’re a true believer, you’re wondering where you can get Skeptic Distillery spirits. Look for your favorite gins, vodkas and whiskeys at the following locations: Purchase Spirits Online Skeptic Spirits Online Store! Skeptic Swag Stor...

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Awards & Press

USA Spirit Awards Judged in San Francisco, CA, the USA Spirit Awards are based on a criteria of 3 categories: Quality, Value, and Packaging. It's high-profile panel of judges blind taste test each sample and assign placement on a 100 point basis. ...

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Upcoming Events

Friday, February 15Catch us LIVE on air on 95.1 WIIL Rock promoting the upcoming Lake County Craft Beer Festival Saturday, February 23rd Lake County Craft Beer Festival, Grayslake, IL Come visit us at the Lake County Craft Beer festival, whe...

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