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Skeptic Distillery fuses craft with science and curiosity to evolve spirits beyond tradition, using a unique cold vacuum distillation process to achieve otherwise unattainable flavor and freshness.

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You know cocktails and you know spirits. That’s why you’re here. But with our scientific spirits, we’ll send you off experimenting in the mixology space. Venture out of this world with these recipes!

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Skeptic or True Believer?

With our innovative, truly original and cutting-edge processing technique, Skeptic Distillery represents the future of spirits distilling. We fuse craft with science to produce singular vacuum-distilled gins, vodkas and whiskeys in a way that captures flavors and notes not achievable through the traditional processing system.

Being a skeptic means that one is naturally curious, questioning and attracted to the mysterious and unusual. Our company embraces skeptics because we are proud to say that once they sample our awesome spirits, they will no longer be skeptics, but true believers.

Meeting the Spiritual Needs of Mixology Enthusiasts

Are you a craft spirit devotee seeking something totally new, unique and, of course, delicious? The spirits of Skeptic Distillery are Chicago’s latest contribution to the craft brewery and distillery culture. Our products are processed differently so they’re smoother and taste better. As you slowly sip a premium Skeptic gin or vodka, you’ll experience exquisite flavor notes you never tasted before! Try our superb quality spirits in your favorite drink recipes, or ask for it at your favorite cocktail lounge or liquor store.